hr audit

A well-organized, effective HR function is a key parameter in helping a company or organization achieve its performance targets. Are your HR processes effective and efficient and do they accomplish what they are intended to do?

An HR audit is a systematic way of reviewing your HR function, processes, procedures, strategy and priorities. It is a smart way to ensure that your HR function is aligned with the company’s business concept, vision and goals. In other words, are you successful at attracting and retaining the best employees? Is your benefits package and policy consistent with your business objectives in relation to performance and cost-efficiency? Do you get the desired return on invested human capital?

An HR audit can lay the foundation for a plan of action including activities with which you can develop your HR function in the short- and long-term. From time to time, it may be of value to bring in an independent external consultant due to time constraints and to assure the quality of your HR function.

hrm solutions reviews and monitors that the company’s HR procedures, processes and other HR related policies are attractive and competitive in relation to the company’s business objectives as well in relation to cost and benefit. We can also review employment contracts and other conditions related to the application procedure and other longer-term activities such as bonus and benefits policies or recruitment strategies.

hrm solutions offers support in carrying out due diligence in conjunction with mergers and acquisitions. In such cases, we conduct a thorough review and scrutiny of the potential object’s human capital, providing valuable support in the decision to go ahead with the acquisition/merger or not.