hr mentoring

From time to time, an HR manager or HR consultant may need a sounding board or support in the form of a dialogue with a person who is independent from the company and who the manager or consultant in question is not dependent on when it comes to developing his or her HR career. Possible subjects include how to take on a wider range of responsibilities in conjunction with a promotion, or suggestions, advice and approach when it comes to working with change processes. HR managers may also find it valuable to discuss how to manage their role in the management team or how to handle difficult or new types of decision making processes.

In such situations it may be helpful to have a sounding board who can listen, help you broaden your views and give practical advice and if needed suggest measures to implement, and with whom you can double check your plan of action. In other words, having access to a senior HR colleague, who has extensive experience of similar problems and understands you and your company’s position, obstacles and opportunities.

hrm solutions – offers a mentoring program focusing on the unique circumstances and challenges faced by the individual, built on goal-oriented interaction in a spirit of mutual openness and respect.

Mentoring programs typically run for just under a year, comprising around 10 meetings, and can be extended or shortened to suit the individual’s needs. A mentoring program can also be a part of an HR manager’s individual development plan. Before the program starts, we hold a cost-free meeting to agree on the conditions of the program and clarify the ethics and rules that apply in the mentee/mentor relationship. This includes issues such as confidentiality, loyalty, openness, honesty and winding up the program.